My Testimony


I lived as a Pharisee. – Acts 26:5

I used to feel angry with God because I could never please Him. So, I indulged in alcohol, sensuality, and reckless spending. My anger made me blame others for my poor decisions and I frequently lost my temper. All of this negativity and sensuality became a normal part of my daily life.

I saw a light from Heaven – Acts 26:13

My first child, when she was only a month old, was hospitalized with an infection and we were told she might not make it. One night as I held her while she struggled to breathe, frustration and anger boiled inside me and I yelled at God blaming him for her condition and begging for him to heal her. Suddenly her airway cleared, she stopped struggling, and she fell into a peaceful sleep.

There was no doubt in my mind that God had responded. However, the question that lingered was, “Why would God answer the prayer of someone who had deliberately turned away from Him and was living a life that opposed His teachings?”

I needed to find out. So over the next year, I read the entire bible from the front to the back. I came to understand that the God that I had believed in, early in my life, was not the God of the bible.

One day, while praying, I heard a clear and distinct voice telling me to find a church and get baptized. Although I did not hear the voice audibly, it was still very personal and distinct and I knew it was God speaking. Shortly afterwards I started going to church regularly and got baptized a few months later.

But I have had God’s help to this very day – Acts 26:22

Realizing that even when I rebelled against God He was still willing to reach out and forgive me put things into perspective. Every lash of the whip and every nail on the cross was engraved with my name and my sins, yet Jesus willingly endured that on my behalf, taking the punishment I deserved. 

I now understand that God will never abandon me, or forsake me. Instead he walks with me everywhere I go.

Thanks to Christ, I have found inner peace. Jesus has restored me and taught me to love myself and others.

Andy Beni